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Length of film –

Recently I saw Nymphomaniac produced by a well-known name “Lars Von Trier”. I could not help wondering to myself while seeing the film when does it end? This leads me to my question.

How long do you think a film should be?
What would make a long film okay?

Upon the previous question I would say some of the things that make a long film great are the “Mix” it should blend in with us. Rather than provoke us or have some groups disregard the film altogether. A crucial thing I say is that it is close enough to us so that we can relate to it and yet it has something that is as far off that it still contains our curiosity.

What do you think of the matter?

If you could have it your way. How long would you let the intervals be between first film and sequels?

The question comes into mind when I notice what is happening. Star Wars had a successful comeback even though it had a couple of years break. The Bourne series by the sounds of it thinks it has already lost its momentum.

What do you think? Do you think it matters if you hold too long a break before coming out with sequels?

Can a film or a series ever lose its appeal by being too much like other film(s)? I think it can. 


What do you think?

I think I will come with a update in the near future to the this question.

Black sails:

I have recently finished watching the first season of the series called Black Sails. After having done so I would like to name some key issues that I noticed. In particular toward would I like to get a series made out of True Story of Dracula e.g. as Black Sails, Lost or X-Files or would I be more intrigued in getting a movie like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings made out of it.

There were several aspects I noticed with the series. First they leaned rather much up of “Game of Thrones” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. There also was a third movie I came to think of while watching the fourth episode and another in the fifth episode.

Rumor has it that Hollywood embarks on many “Projects” or “Films” because they can never be sure of which one will make it all the way.

I would say without having done my homework of putting at least some research into it that Black Sails was a Hollywood series. I base this on a couple of things I noticed:

Hair due: Always perfect regardless if you have been in the sea swimming or diving.

F****: It is an American word not an English.

BS and S: I have some difficulty in believing the English used it as has been done in episode 5.

Predictability: There were many scenes where you could predict what was most likely to happen.

My opinion: The “Good guys” seem to get shot at rather many times and yet they get out of it better then they went in.

External elements: Costumes, explosions and other details in the film are very, very well crafted.

Actors: Actors were top notch especially “Captain Flint”.