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This is a promotion plan for True Story of Dracula the ones who are in need of a business model to follow or for the ones who are interested in doing business with Author.

Business Model

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It cost me 16.000 U.S Dollars to reach 30 million people in the time period from 1st of January 2017 – 1st of May 2017. The 30 million people were dealt between Denmark, USA, Canada, UK, China, India and Australia.

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In fact we reached 46.75++ million

I have so many fans on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and we have 200,000(+)  pure horror fans email database who have register themselves on our website and forum.

The amount I ended up paying was $25000

Fan base should be your starting point. No fans, no guests.

We are creating this experience for the fans and to gain more fans.

There are two different possibilities at hand. I can host an event at each of the seven countries involved or I can begin with the country where I live in Denmark.

The True Story of Dracula 2-step---Reserve






This step should not have any money involved. This means no deposits, good faith money, money to show you are serious none.

The reserve should be the next thing you do. It is based upon that you have places where you can host the event. Places you can keep on the standby until you know the exact number of guests who will be participating.

My first place in getting a standby was “Café Vivaldi, Axeltorv” where I met with one from the board of executives. We estimated that there would be around 100 guests. This would cost me 17.000 DKK.

3 step - Partners (Host of arrangement)






Relations affect prices between you and your business partners.

The places or “Business Partners” where you host the arrangement should be your third priority. The better the relation between you and your partner(s) the more formidable will be the prices.

You make the prices become more formidable by hosting many events at the specific business partner.

A good starting point would be if the expectations of the last party met or exceeded your expectations prior. This would mean that there is a demand for your party you can work-out the calendar for your parties at each location.

The True Story of Dracula Reserv






In regard to this point I have made a list. You can put your name on the list and we will reserve a place for you. If on the other hand you decide not to put your name on the list we cannot guarantee that there will be enough commodities for you as well.

In an ideal world all 100 will be reserved at each of the location(s). That would also be a fantastic starting point because after the party we can re-evaluate how precise were we.


All 100 get reserved and we have bought for all of them. However there only turn up 30 people to the arrangement.

  1. The excess of extra commodities we have paid for will then be used for other occasions at the specific location. This does mean there is not the demand for these arrangements as I first anticipated. Due to the circumstances this may only be held once to three times a year.

The True Story of Dracula Reserve






My budget for the first event is at 22.020 DKK.

This point will consist of the amount of resources you are willing to put in the event. In my case I have narrowed it down to the base of these arrangements. There is a list ranging to a 100. In each of these events I will see before a certain date. How many different names are on the list? I take the X amount of guests and take alcoholic beverages, soft drinks together with snacks into account. Thereafter I put together a menu e.g. one soft drink or alcoholic beverage together with a small bag of chips per person. This would add up to a specific amount of DKK. All dependent upon the amount I can deduct it from how much am I willing to invest into the arrangement. This would mean beverages, snacks, renting out the place plus any additional factors not accounted for.

The fundamental state is I have guaranteed that at least one drink and one snack will be for everyone. This does not mean you cannot buy more if the urge comes from the bar, pub or restaurant. Nor does it mean that I will not buy an exceeding amount of goods e.g. 10x the number of guests participating.


If we are to start out from Copenhagen and all 100 get registered on the guest list. I have bought in for 300 people or three rounds per each of the 100. However there come 500. What we then do is we prioritize the names on the list slightly higher than we would with everyone else. In “Capitalize on loneliness ad 1” it mentions that there is one free round for everyone on the list for the first hour.

As for the excess in demand we will have to see. Most likely we will have many more arrangements at the specific location than just once annually.

The True Story of Dracula 6 steps






Sponsors are the last thing on your mind. When there is a Blue Ocean meaning market without any competition everybody wants a bite. In my case it is the awareness the sponsors will come for.


You can receive exposure to 30 million people by making a contract with me. The terms of the contract depend on what are the needs of the individual. An example could be we promote your brand on one of the numerous web pages we have or on each arrangement we host.

The unique experience I provide entails – We will promote through my forum at and exposure through events arranged by me.

I can imagine this would be a very attractive offer for start-ups, other SMEs and some multi-national companies or conglomerates.

So if you have covered the five points up till this one. Well you should have a list of potential sponsors who are willing to sponsor the event. Even better if it does exceed your expectations you have made it.


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