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Buy the Book True Story of Dracula starts with Vlad III, from his early childhood, and tries to give him a character one can relate to, until the moment he was killed and how he was transformed into Dracula. How Dracula was and acted among his fellow humans. Not to forget how he managed to stay hidden for all those years. As one can see in the personified characteristics, I have also built up the character of Dracula, giving him a whole lot more depth. I have also built on the vampires whom Dracula makes and have given them a lot more of a persona as well. I have chosen to give one other character in the book more detail.

Kukk-Gronbjerb gives each character a great deal of depth, so that the reader can anticipate how different characters would likely react or act under certain situations, both the humans and the vampires.

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The True Story of Dracula | You can buy online at the Apple iTunes store or Amazon or Kobo or Google Play or Barnes or Lulu or Noble | Available in Marketplace as Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle Version.  

The( Book) hardcover version is meant for the ones who really want the experience to go along. Whereas the (Book) Kindle edition is for the ones who really do not care about the attributes but value the text, how it has been written and whether it is a good story.

The hardcover version has a lot more graphical images than does the Kindle.

The graphical effects that are applied to the hardcover version make you want to continue. On the Kindle it has no aura.