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You can see yourself going down a road when you come to a crossing. One road has a sign saying “True Story of Dracula (Hardcover)” the other has “True Story of Dracula (Kindle)”. You cannot make up your mind which one to take.

The differences between the two:

The hardcover version is meant for the ones who really want the experience to go along. Whereas the Kindle edition is for the ones who really do not care about the attributes but value the text, how it has been written and whether it is a good story.

The hardcover version has a lot more graphical images than does the Kindle.

The graphical effects that are applied to the hardcover version make you want to continue. On the Kindle it has no aura.

Personal approach:

I would advise everybody to go for the hardcover version. It is simply so rich. When I was going through it for the final time before sending it to the publishers the experience was amazing. Everything how it begun, the following pages and how it now differs to what it once was a movie manuscript.