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  • Purpose of forum

    The reason for the forum is simple. It has been created purely for the readers and fans of True Story of Dracula and its sequels. Where one can interact with other like minded, establish groups, users can write articles on horror topics and much, much more will come.

    So how does it work? Simple based on visits to the site, articles, blogs and other topics started. We will improve the site accordingly.

    An example we have 80 visits to the site, 20 articles, 50 blogs and 10 new topics started. If one goes into depth with it one finds that all of these articles, blogs and new topics started have been done by two individuals. This tells us there is a lack of awareness. Hence we must focus more on traffic to the site.

    An example everything is going splendidly. We have large numbers of visitors coming every day where the articles, blogs and topics follow of course in a slower paste. Nothing here so we go into depth.

    What are the articles, blogs and new topics started about?

    After having received our answer we can take action. So if after this analysis we begin to see what people are most interested in. The obvious question would be is this a trend, adding up to more analysis resulting in our response.