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Length of film – Recently I saw Nymphomaniac produced by a well-known name “Lars Von Trier”. I could not help wondering to myself while seeing the film when does it end? This leads me to my question. How long do you think a film should be? What would make a long film okay? Upon the […]

The True Story of Dracula Author

Author’s Plan

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Snap shot into my-mind: So the date when I start writing the sequel is on the “7th of January 2017”. My current plan is simple start writing and do not stop till you are finished with the first sequel. Regarding the forum: All the feedback and ideas will be taken into account. I am also […]


About Martin Kukk-Grønbjerg

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Martin Kukk-Grønbjerg was born in 1989 in Estonia. He has Estonian citizenship but has a Danish father. Since at the time of Martin’s birth, His father was a diplomat they have moved around quite a bit (Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Denmark). Martin became an author as a result of the passing of his mother who […]


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Buy the Book True Story of Dracula starts with Vlad III, from his early childhood, and tries to give him a character one can relate to, until the moment he was killed and how he was transformed into Dracula. How Dracula was and acted among his fellow humans. Not to forget how he managed to […]