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About the Author | True Story of Dracula

About the Author of True Story of Dracula 

Martin Kukk-Grønbjerg was born on the seventh of September 1989 in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. Since his father was a Danish diplomat, he has lived in several different countries (Estonia, Russia, Sweden, and Denmark). Throughout these countries, he has gone to an international school. Then in the year 2000, he was in an accident, where a car drove into him while he was bicycling. The consequences of this were big brain damage, where it started out with him being a hundred percent paralyzed. Through intensive rehabilitation, he recovered to a great extent. He is still receiving rehabilitation and hopes one day he will have no debilitating effects from this accident.

He became an author with the passing of his mother in 2006. The first book he published was an autobiography called The Truth Is Too Brutal to Be Reality. It was about the months that followed the passing of his mother. He published it solely on in 2008. During this time, he got inspired to write a book about Dracula. So once The Truth Is Too Brutal to Be Reality was published, he began with this new project of his. However, he did find it difficult. There was the aspect of Dracula being a fictional character. Meaning, he would have to create a whole universe in which Dracula existed, corresponding to our own. This left him with having to create a personified characteristic for each of the characters within True Story of Dracula. In total, it took him seven years before finishing the book.


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