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Back Stage About | True Story of Dracula

Back Stage About: True Story of Dracula

One of the things I am hoping for with the forum is to get insight into the mind of the reader. In regard to what do you find most noteworthy?

True Story of Dracula

Why am I bringing it up?

It is because I would like to know is it possible that I can combine some of the things I have received as comments into the movie.

Hopefully you have already read the whole book and therefore can outline some conclusions.

One conclusion would be it is almost 100% impossible to make it into a series because it would simply be too lame to have a single day in several episodes. So I am hoping I can get to learn what really interests my readers and what would they love to see in film. Before eventually selling the movie rights.

I do have some more I would like to add to “Back stage about True Story of Dracula” and “Black Sails”:

When I am talking to people about books I often come upon the phrase or metaphor “They open up a whole new universe”. In regards to the pros and cons with using an old story line is that the story has already been written. Therefore there is nothing to make it into a “WOW” experience.

A good way how to put it is think of a dessert any dessert. The best it can taste is if it suits your taste. But it cannot over do that e.g. when you are eating a hot dog it would be weird if you thought ”This is some damn good chicken”.

Author point is: Why not then take the time necessary to come out with something original rather than a look alike?

The worst that can happen is they hate it. The best that can happen is they love it and will talk about it for many years to come.

We look at the opposite side the worst that can happen is no one will go to see it. The best that can happen is people think it is worth seeing.

Before I can get to the conclusion there is one more thing:

Okay, okay I do see why there are many “Projects”. As for me and the 11 other books I began with was because I was uncertain of True Story of Dracula being a success. I was so uncertain that not before having the final hardcover version in my hands did I realize “What the heck I had done”.


I think I can draw a line here. Authors like to create authentic things that vary from the rest. Authors are dedicated to what they do and I firmly believe there is a under lying factor other than the material.

Script writers I am not sure. With me it was the challenge of putting a story in script form. I however am an author and not a script writer.