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True Story of Dracula (Kindle) | Dracula brought back to life Book 1
True Story of Dracula | A horror story by Martin Kuk

True Story of Dracula (Kindle) | Dracula brought back to life

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Comments by reviewers:
Great book that is entertaining and it was sometimes hard to put it away. I would recommend it to everyone who is interested in history, Dracula or interested in reading a good book. Anrijs

I really love this little story…… Last night I read it and now I want to say to everyone that this is a great story. Thank you MARTIN. Virginia

Dracula certainly the most chilling terrifying book ever written; it's really the best horror story in my eyes. shirley

You may have seen every Dracula movie ever made, but you do not know the real Count Dracula until such time as you have read this book. Of course, unless you have been living under a rock, you will know the general plot line, but I assure you there is a wealth of rich material buried throughout the text that is sure to excite, intrigue, and surprise you. Michael Ryan

This book is a very good read and the author wants to make it feel like you are there experiencing it together with the characters. nene